Antecedent-Pronoun Agreement

They should be, be, him or her, them, them, follow theirs. There are two names in this sentence: John and the man. . In the following examples, C and D are the most difficult, as precursors have both a singular character and a plural vocabulary. Think of these two guidelines… However, the following guidelines can help us determine which reference pronoun corresponds to these noun antecedents. (b) A female pronoun shall replace a female noun. 6. Titles of individual entities. (Books, organizations, countries, etc.) Take a singular speaker. The indeterminate pronoun everybody is always singular. The pronoun that relates to its predecessor must also be in singular form.

Here is the corrected form of the sentence below: a word can refer to an old noun or pronoun in the sentence. This is where most of the problems arise when the precursor can be either male or female.