Bupa Hospital Agreements

All large health insurance companies have agreements with a large number of private hospitals, but it is recommended that you check before deciding which hospital should be treated. This is especially important if you have a hospital in mind before treatment or if you live in a rural area where the nearest private hospital may be remote. By law, consumers can switch hospital or insurer insurance without financial loss or waiting for wait times, although some services for which they have higher coverage are subject to waiting times. You should check to see if this applies to you before switching insurers. In some cases, even if it is not necessary, the new insurer may offer to waive wait times for additional coverage, so ask yourself if you are considering changing. A waiting period refers to the length of time a person has to wait to claim a right after starting a new policy or increasing coverage. Yes, for example. B for obstetrics and obstetrics services, a 12-month waiting period applies, you are not covered for the cost of birthing a baby in a private hospital for the first year after the purchase of your insurance. A 12-month waiting period also applies to pre-existing conditions when you join or after your policy is updated. The only exception is the treatment of psychiatric care, rehabilitation and palliative care, which can only result in a waiting period of two months if the situation is already present.

As mentioned above, waiting times generally do not apply when you change policies or insurers to avoid loss of coverage caused by an insurer that changes your policy. Check the waiting times that apply to you. We work with hospitals and clinics to provide Bupa clients with access to quality health care. As part of this commitment, it is important that hospitals and clinics that provide surgical and medical services to Bupa clients have clarity on what they can expect from us. It also gives our clients the certainty that Bupa`s recognized hospitals and clinics accept specific and consistent quality requirements and operational standards. To ensure this security and allow your facility to treat Bupa customers, you need a Healthcare Services Agreement (HSA) with us to contact us: you may also have to pay a “surplus” when you visit a hospital under your hospital. Often, a higher surplus means a lower premium. 4 private hospital contracts in a maximum sector 6 If you have private hospital insurance with a health fund, you will be covered for admission to one of their agreements of private hospitals (provided your coverage is not limited to public hospitals). These are private hospitals that have agreements with your health fund to reduce or eliminate expenses that you would otherwise have had to pay. Private health insurance also gives you more choice in your health care, such as choosing your surgeon/obstetrician/specialist and the hospital you prefer from licensed private health insurance providers.