Parenting Agreement Maryland

Therefore, each parent must complete an educational plan (or CC-DR-109) in accordance with Maryland Rule 9-204.1. An education plan is a written agreement (which formally describes how each parent takes care of their child and makes decisions about their child). You can fill out this document directly with your child`s other parent, with the help of a mediator, or with your lawyer Parents can agree on a combination of physical and shared custody. An example is that there is a residence for the child and that the parents live there with the child on a rotating basis. The Tribunal is looking very closely at joint custody agreements. The most important factor for shared custody and joint physical custody is the ability of parents to speak and make common decisions that influence the child`s well-being. If parents are constantly fighting over religion or school, the court can cancel their agreement. If you and your spouse are having trouble reaching an agreement, you should consider mediation. A mediator specializes in helping people find a fair and lasting agreement. Meetings are confidential.

The role of a mediator may be limited to child custody. You can also ask to cover other issues such as marital property if you choose. Mediation is not appropriate in cases where there is a real problem of physical or sexual abuse of the child or one of the parties. It is also important to get legal counsel for this process. The role of the mediator is not to take sides, but to bring the two parties together. In addition, if the Ombudsman is not a lawyer, the Mediator cannot know about specific legal issues. Knowledge of the law and court requirements can allow you to develop a parenting plan that not only meets the court`s requirements, but also serves your child`s best interests. As a parent, you know your child`s interests, needs and routines and you are probably in a better position than a court to develop an educational plan that works for your family. While there have been tools to assist parents through the justice system, including court mediation and co-parenting courses, Maryland`s new educational planning forms are an additional resource.