Social Security Agreement Canada Japan

Most agreements are similar and are usually supposed to do two things: in Japan, both houses of japan`s parliament must vote after the agreement is signed to approve the agreement. Hello Doug, I moved from Romania to Canada in 1996. Canada has signed social security agreements with Romania. I am 59 years old and I plan to retire at 65. I have a question about the postponement of the OAS; Most of the available information says so: for each month of “valid” deferral, your AEO pension is increased by 0.6%. The maximum deferral is 5 years, which would increase your OAS pension by 36%. Hello Doug, your help is much appreciated. I am 15 years old, living in Courtice, Ontario. My question is about the survivor`s pension.

My father is dead and, apparently, I have the right to apply for this pension here in Canada and in my father`s country, Chile. My father worked in Chile at a very young age for a short time before coming to Canada as he did 50 years ago. Both pensions operate in the same way. Until my 24th bin. Can I receive both survivors` pensions? (My mother divorced my father, at least she is not allowed for the survivor`s pension in Chile). If I apply for the pension in Chile through Service Canada (Chile and Canada have an agreement), how does it work? If I apply to Chile, I have to get, among some of the documents they apply for, Chilean nationality, which I am not so interested in. To get this, I also need to get a Chilean identity card, much like our SIN, whose number is used for almost everything in Chile. So, just to begin with, I should have these two things through the Chilean consulate in Toronto. If I apply for the survivor`s pension in Chile through Canada, would it be the same with regard to the necessary documents, which means that I still have to do the same at the aforementioned consulate? That is what I want to avoid. Suppose I apply for the application on Canada, how does the payment of the Chile benefit work? I wouldn`t worry about paying from here. The Chilean institution sends money to Canada and Canada pays me? Doug, I`m starting from some things, as you can see, without knowing, for example, if I can get both pensions.

If only one pension was allowed, how or who decides on it? If I stick to the Chilean pension, because the monthly payment is more than the pension here in Canada, does Canada intervene in it, beyond the tax issue? Doug, right now, I don`t know what to do. I asked a few questions about this on the phone in Ottawa (International Division of Human Resources and Development), and they simply had no idea about the case. You told me about an application to fill out, but that is not enough. At the moment, unfortunately, I cannot personally go to the Service Canada office for the virus, and apparently no one knows when it will end. I`m just trying to find out in advance for the day I can start filling out the paperwork if you know what I mean. I think the only person who can help me is a person like you, who I fortunately found on the Internet. I don`t know if possible, but I would like to know that you advise and recommend. This is a unique opportunity that would give me the chance to follow what I want, to go to a medical school. Doug, thank you again and be careful. There is no doubt that the virus is a killer. Social security agreements can influence whether you meet the contribution requirements to get benefits (what I call eligibility), but they have no influence on the amount of those benefits (what I call entitlement). .

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