Student Accommodation Agreement

First, there should be reasonable ways in your property to refer to the fire and at least one smoke detector on each floor of the building used as housing. In residences, you usually have to move on the day the fixed-term contract expires without having to inform your landlord. This is because the agreement between you and your landlord ends when the fixed life ends. In university residences, this is the contract you will most likely get. Hello Neeru, unfortunately, it looks like it is a common lease. Unfortunately, if one of the people moves, the other tenants are required to pay the full rent. I would have thought the owner would have gone to his guarantor first. You should also offer options to secure a replacement tenant. My proposal would be to visit the local civic council or get your son to chat with the university`s hosting service, as it should help you with the most subtle details here. Subletting is almost always contrary to your lease, so if you get caught, you might even be evacuated.

The only way around this is to ask your owner (very nice!) permission first and take it from there. Don`t hold your breath… Most landlords/agents use an Assured Shorthold rental agreement. This condition applies for a fixed period of 12 months; That is, it has a start date and an end date. If you sign a fixed-term contract, you are required to pay rent for the full period, unless there is a special clause that allows you to terminate (which is very rare). This type of agreement means that you are a tenant and that you are exclusively in possession of the property. The landlord/broker has access to housing (z.B for repairs/inspections), but you must be informed and you must call only for reasonable working hours. If you have a fixed-term lease, your landlord cannot ask you to leave prematurely unless the contract contains a termination clause. A break clause allows you, or the lessor, to terminate the lease early as long as certain conditions are met (usually a defined notice). Without a break clause, you cannot leave prematurely unless your landlord violates contractual responsibilities (and vice versa). If you don`t think the problem has been resolved, then you may want to consider filing a complaint with the standards code or code of practice that your university has signed.

Your student union can help. A: Living in university housing can offer more flexibility. It may be possible to pass through another hall or apartment or simply to another room of the property where you are already located. The first step is to go to your hosting page. If you simply move or refuse transfer offers, you are likely to remain responsible for the rent. You can try to find a replacement by advertising. The replacement should be a student at your university and ideally be the same year as you.