Substance Painter License Agreement

So, in my case, I could spend $10 LESS and have access to MORE software and source access, with the ability to spend $50 at any time to convert ALL technologies into indeterminate licenses. That's impressive. OR, I could give them more money and not have access to the source (or toolbox?). Hmmmmmmm…. I`m not sure why indeterminate licenses are available, unless they`re just a trap to overload customers for less software? Or maybe it`s fair for them to say that they`re selling indeterminate licenses at a time when many large software companies are not switching to the less popular subscription method than if they clearly don`t want you to buy them? The quintessence is that if you buy indeterminate licenses, you will have access to less software and it will cost you more money. There is literally no reason to buy indeterminate licenses, as you can convert the annual subscription plan (which contains more software and source access) to indeterminate licenses at any time. For me, whatever the reason they are offered, it`s a limit predatory practice and doesn`t sit with me at all properly. This means that you have $288 in unlimited licenses and access to the source substance 🙂 If you purchase indeterminate licenses for everything available: please contact us regarding Pro or Enterprise licenses, we offer tailored solutions. In short, you always pay less than before to obtain indeterminate licenses, and you can also have access to Substance Source in the process :)The difference is that you do not have access to Substance Source through unlimited licenses. You can access the Software Source for an annual subscription that you can convert to unlimited licenses anyway, which gives you more indeterminate licenses for less money pro subscriptions with access to our licensing portal, where you can assign a user to the subscription by email and modify the user as needed (as long as only 1 user uses the software). A short and simple license with conditions that require only the preservation of copyright and license mentions.

Licensed works, modifications and major works can be distributed under different conditions and without source code. This error message appears when you try to activate a license key file that is not compatible with the installed software. You must register on our website and go to the “Licenses” section of your Substance account. You can then download the latest software and the corresponding license key file. After installation, try again to use this license key file and the activation should work properly.