First Things First Microsoft Office License Agreement

I have an end user whose Office installation is crashing. The installation is fresh from today. When you launch one of the Office 2016 applications, the default Premier first window appears, but whichever option you choose, the application closes. Probably because it crashes. All applications work perfectly in safe mode, but none of them have add-ins. I registered in Safe Mode and disabled and deleted all add-ins, but the same thing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled Office at least 3 times and even removed all the Office apps that we don`t use. The problem has not changed. The user who is logged in doesn`t seem to matter either herunterladen. Any ideas? This is the same installation ISO I`ve used for at least a dozen other machines.

The installation of Windows on this computer is also only 4 days old and is up to date. The operating system is Windows 10. Every time I open an Office app, I`m asked with the “First” image below. When you close and reopen the application, the command prompt appears again. And it`s the same with each of them! Therefore, the “First Things First” prompt was displayed each time the application was started. Additionally, it is not important that it be set to Disabled because “If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, the Enrollment Wizard will appear when users are running Microsoft Office 2016 for the first time.” However, I don`t see how this relates to the behavior you`ve seen on repeated prompts, as it`s only meant to refer to the “first time they`re running a Microsoft Office 2016 application.” First, I didn`t see any DCOM errors in Event Viewer. Only messages about the Office application crash without useful information. Second, the problem has resolved itself. I reinstalled Office for the second time, but the problem wasn`t resolved, so I removed the computer from the user`s desktop and gave them a new one anno 1800 sunken treasures. So I could play more with her in my free time. Today I`m starting it for the first time since the problem and for some reason the office is starting to work.

By the way, this is the 2016 desktop standard with a MAK key. The computer is a Dell 3430 with the latest Windows 10 on it. If it`s an Office 365 installation of Office, you can try the Microsoft Support and Recovery Service, available at We run Office 365 on a Citrix farm (400 users) with Exchange on-premises. From time to time, all users receive the “First” dialog box at startup (Outlook, Word, Excel) and something even while working. I tried all the ideas I found on the internet, including GPO settings and registry entries from here ( without any chance download overleaf files. Thanks to: I don`t want to remove the command prompt completely. It`s normal to make it appear the first time. But that`s not what`s happening. It appears every time I open an Office application, even after I click “Accept”. For feedback on TechNet subscriber support, contact It`s good to hear that! AcceptAllEulas is the appropriate registry entry used to control the First Things dialog box.

Could you help us mark your answer as an answer so that it is easy for other community members who are experiencing the same problem to quickly find the one that has been verified fallout shelter downloaden? Then go to the Office 2016 Trust > Privacy Center > > Office 201 >6 administrative templates > > “Turn off the enrollment wizard the first time you run.” How do I disable this notification and Office updates for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 by using the registry or GPO? When you launch one of the Office applications the first time they sign in, the user gets the Premier window first. To disable this window, apply the following reg keys. I suggest you install Office Administrative Templates. Note: Because the Web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link is subject to change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Tried several solutions (including Microsoft0. None worked until yours. Thank you. (It also applies to Office 2016, please change 15.0 to 16.0) I successfully installed Office 2016 with ODT on a W7 computer with the following configuration file: Thank you for your reply herunterladen. It seems that the following REG key has solved my problem: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is installed on Windows Server 2016 Standard. Posted onJanuary 16, 2018February 22, 2018AuthorMrNetTek Thank you! Simple but HUGE time saving and frustration relief I know your situation that you have now experienced. I want to test this problem in the Windows 7 client, it sometimes needs it.

If I have an update, I will reply in this thread. An update of my last comment: I have two “Applications” folders. The other is `Program Files (x86)`. The second folder is where I found `Office11`. I had to do some research and your suggestion worked. Thank you very much. The following forums have been migrated to Microsoft Q&A: All Microsoft Office forums in English excel download kostenlos für windows 8! Visit Microsoft Q&A to ask new questions… * Note: You may need RW permissions on the Microsoft key.

When you do this, you add authenticated users with RW permissions. I was very lucky with this tool that solves desktop problems. Thanks, it worked very well with AppSense in non-persistent Citrix desktops and servers!! Try Click-to-Run (CTR) setup from the O365 portal for Office 2016. Simple but very useful solution. Thank you very much for your help. So simple and straightforward – it worked perfectly. REG ADD “HKLMDEFAULTSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftOffice16.0CommonGeneral” /v “OptInDisable” /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f /REG:64 Or, if you are really smart, launch it as an administrator when the user logs in Don`t forget to mark the answers as answers if they helped Download tuneup 2006 for free german. Impressive! I tried several other planned fixes, up to and including the registry change, all to no avail. My Word 2003 worked with Windows 7, but the Accept window remained no matter what I tried. O365 – > My Account has enabled installation on the computer, so connectivity should not be an issue. Numbers, even though I`m the admin and the only account on this comp, I still have to select “Run as admin” for it to work.

Well, to find out the dozen other problems that MS has thrown at me here. Have you tried to repair the installation? Go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs and run the repair. Maybe it somehow got a corrupted file. HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0CommonGeneralShownFileFmtPrompt 1 (DWORD) Default user profile method REG LOAD HKLMDEFAULT C:UsersDefaultntuser.dat Lars, thank you for finding this policy hoe apps downloaden apple tv. It was a needle in a bunch of needle hay. Today I used your advice, and in less than a minute, everything was perfect. Thank you very much. . Does anyone know how I can really remove that annoying pop-up several times a week? And again, the problem is only present on W7 clients. >>I have tried all the ideas I have found on the Internet, including GPO settings and registry entries from here Please read this article and follow the method there: Ideal for finding a “solution” that works!! Thank you very much, very much appreciated!!! HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0FirstRunBootedRTM 1 (DWORD) Well, I tried your suggestion and found out that I didn`t have an `Office11` folder. I have an “Office12” folder that doesn`t give me the options you mentioned. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you very much.

Run as an administrator and see if you are experiencing the same issues Download soundcloud song. Then you will know if it is a permissions issue. We`ve enabled it so that users never see the command prompt, as we change updates elsewhere, regardless of the user. It is very strange that this prompt appears in a VL MSI installation – it has much more C2R feel. Thank you, it took barely a minute to solve the problem. Clear and correct leadership. Thanks, I would check for DCOM errors, these can cause strange issues like this. If you have them, they will appear in Windows Event Viewer under Windows Logs and they system. If you need to fix the most common ones, you can use my script, which you can find here on spiceworks: herunterladen.

That said, I`ve now tried the script of the article you linked. .