Secondary Teacher Collective Agreement

If the teaching position is dissolved by voluntary choice or otherwise, the teacher may opt for a curriculum approved by the Minister of Education that enhances or enhances the teacher`s abilities as a secondary school teacher, provided that: Note: See 4.2.4 and 3.5 of this Agreement for additional guidance on the application of these provisions. 3.11.3 The dismissal obligations set out in sections 3.11.1 and 3.11.2 do not apply if a teacher is dismissed without notice because of serious misconduct or if the Minister of Education gives consent in the context of medical retirement – critical illness herunterladen. Any teacher who holds a position to which permanent units are linked and whose status is or is to be amended as a result of the application of clause 3.9 who applies for the position as advertised in his or her new status shall be appointed to that position, unless the teacher has in the meantime been appointed to another permanent position, provided that, in cases where the post has been reduced in his status, the teacher concerned continues to be remunerated at the salary he received immediately before the reduction for a period of one year from the date on which the reduction took effect, provided that he continues to hold that post. Where a teacher holds a position about to be dissolved and rejects an offer from his or her employer for a reasonable permanent position at the same salary before the date on which the recruitment takes effect, or applies and rejects an offer from another body to appoint an apprenticeship for which the teacher is suitable; the teacher`s employment relationship may end from the date on which recruitment takes effect and no other compensation may be paid android 7 downloaden. 3.12.4 If the employer accepts the medical retirement, the teacher is entitled to the highest value of either: 3.8A.4 The head of department may decide that his time allowance can be better used by transferring his direct responsibility for providing programme-specific advice, guidance and support to a potential teacher to another suitably qualified teacher who has knowledge of the curriculum, and at the same time ensure that the future teacher receives at least the same support as would be provided by the head of department. When the curriculum support program is transferred, eligibility for the time allowance is also transferred. (c) Where an employer has dismissed a teacher in such a position, it may, at its discretion, present part or all of the dismissal as salary instead of dismissal Download movies on stick. In the event of gross negligence, clause 3.4.3(e) applies. (d) If a teacher who participates in a job sharing takes a leave that results in a certain absence, the other partner shall: 3.15.2 Provided that the Minister of Education may approve additional terms and conditions of employment, provided that such conditions are not inconsistent with the terms of this collective agreement. Surplus employment is employment for a period of up to thirty (30) school weeks. A teacher whose position is dissolved by voluntary choice or otherwise, who has opted for employment as a surplus teacher or who has not made use of any of the other options referred to in clause 3.9.1(e) before the date of severance pay shall be entitled to excess employment in accordance with the following provisions: (c) have received three certificates of achievement against the standards applicable to experienced classroom teachers or certificates equivalents abroad; and 3.8B.6 Upon first appointment as a subject teacher, each teacher is entitled to a reimbursement of tuition fees for the relevant postgraduate qualifications up to a maximum of $1000 for each of the two years (these years do not have to be consecutive if the teacher remains appointed scT) dracula hörbuch kostenlos downloaden. This includes teachers who were appointed as subject teachers for classrooms at the time of the agreement on this agreement.

(b) A permanently appointed teacher must notify the employer two months in advance, unless the teacher and the employer agree to a shorter period of notice from the teacher. (iv) the number of units (or, where appropriate, the number of middle management remuneration) held by a teacher does not give rise to a higher or lesser or lesser right to a functionally equivalent post in the merged school; (d) This is a discretionary option and either party may withdraw at any time, and nothing in this section prevents the employer or teacher from deciding at any time that some or all of the procedures in clause 3.3 or 3.4 will be used klavier noten for free. If one of the parties decides to withdraw from these proceedings, such a decision does not in itself give rise to a claim of procedural violation or injustice. The decision to withdraw from this process and/or to induce the employer to apply all or part of the procedures set out in clauses 3.3 and/or 3.4 will be communicated in writing to the other party subway surfers spiel kostenlos herunterladen. (b) Negligence, negligence or inertia in the performance of her duties as a teacher. 3.8C.1 Counsel who employ a foreignly trained teacher are entitled to an additional FTTE 0.1 time allowance abroad for two terms, provided that the teacher meets the criteria described in point 3.8C.2. Remuneration may be requested by the Council at any time within the first 12 months of hiring a teacher abroad. 3.8A.7 The release period for the start of teacher support shall be granted in addition to the time allowances generated by the head of department (or his deputy) in accordance with points 5.2 and 3.7 of this Agreement playstation 4 apps herunterladen.

(i) Following the publication of the staffing plans, the Employers` Committees shall seek written expressions of interest in the following voluntary options as described in clause 3.9.7 of this Agreement: (i) All part-time teachers shall have their working hours confirmed in writing at the time of appointment. (ii) Agreed changes to the permanent working time shall be confirmed in writing. (iii) Non-permanent hours of work applicable for a period of four weeks or more shall be confirmed in writing herunterladen. The teacher is considered surplus for the period following the dissolution until the payment of severance pay. This period is usually between the beginning of the following school year and the first (1st) count of the school`s role. Meanwhile, the rights and duties of a surplus teacher apply. 3.8.2 Trainees trained in the second year of apprenticeship (i.e., fifth to eighth consecutive years of schooling) who are employed full-time are charged 0.9 out of the right to faculty, but receive full salary schriftart für openoffice herunterladen. These teachers receive 0.1 FTTE time allowance for counselling and guidance purposes. (f) Conduct in his or her capacity as a teacher or otherwise inappropriate for a member of the teaching service. NZSTA and NZPPTA hope that the parties to this Agreement will use these guidelines when striving to adopt policies and practices that reflect their professional obligations to Maori teachers and their obligations to recognise Maori goals and aspirations herunterladen. 3.8A.6 If the head of department is employed in another school, the employer of the future teacher shall transfer the initial time allowance of the head of department to the employer school of the head of department. .

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