Tenancy Agreement Housing Act 1988

In 1979, a Conservative government led by Margaret Thatcher was elected. Thatcher tried to redevelop the rental sector. At the time of the Adoption of the Housing Act in 1988, the private rental sector accounted for less than 8% of homes in the UK,[3] compared to 76% in 1918, while social housing was around 30%. The Ministry of the Environment`s 1987 White Paper housing: the Government`s Proposals set targets for reversing the decline in rental housing and improving its quality; to give the tenants of the municipality the right to transfer to other owners if they so wish; better target money to the most acute problems; and promote the growth of residential ownership. According to the White Paper, the public housing authorities had not taken due account of the wishes of tenants, which led to tenants` dissatisfaction and lack of commitment to their homes; The government has tried to remedy this by giving tenants greater consumer choice, which would be achieved by offering a large number of forms of ownership and management. Tenants of the council would have the right to buy and the rights of private landlords would be strengthened. [4] In Scotland, the new private residential tenancy agreement, introduced in December 2017 as a standard rental agreement, has already been postponed in order to increase tenant security. 20A. Rental under the Housing Act 1996: obligation for the lessor to provide explanations of the rental conditions.